+can you cut the sink holes and ship it without breakage?

Yes , could cut sink holes and pack the counter tops well , avoid any breakage . We will stick warning label on wooden cases . Please check the packing in our web.For bigger sink hole , we can make couter tops with steel rod & nails back to reinforce

+Can you tell me how to figure the joints in a "U" shaped

Re "U" shaped kitchen , it can be joined by several pcs of counter tops . We will find out the best joint way according to kitchen drawings and specification . For different size ,the joint way is different.

+Have you done any hotels in the U.S? Can you offer reference

We have rich experience in making counter tops for various project in USA. We couldn't offer you more reference until the clients permit ,because of commercial secret . We would like to offer products pictures we made for project in USA , hope they are good as a reference .

+How do I remove stains from my granite kitchen worktop?

Two ways to remove stains from granite worktops 1. Use water based stain remover for the removal of stains of an organic nature, such as wine, coffee, nicotine, fruit juices etc.2. Use alkaline degreaser for removal of dirt of an organic and greasy nature, spots, grease, pollution, smoke stains, lamp black, wax coating etc.

+How must I do if I will order countertops for project

(1) First , you should send us request details including granite or marble name , countertops drawings with specification , edge treatment request , quantity etc.(2) We would like to quote you our best prices according to your request(3) Because counter tops for project are in different sizes and shape , for sure all can be installed quickly , we will label on all back of counter tops ,as following picture . All counter tops will be packed in good condition avoid any break in shipping way .

+Do you have granite quarry in China ?

Yes , we have our own Imperial brown granite quarry, G648 quarry , G603 quarry , G623 quarry , G635 quarry etc . We also have cooperated quarry of New Santa Cecilia , Nero Imperal outside China.Moreover , we have our own professional factory in quarry area .

+Do you make thin granite slabs for cut to size jobs?

Yes , we make extra thin granite slabs , thin marble slabs for cut to size jobs .At present , we supply extra thin granite slabs for external wall , thickness can be 5mm, 8 mm ~9 mm . We also supply super thin granite countertops with sink cutout , thickness 8mm ~9 mm , size 2400mm x 1200 mm, 2700 mm x 1000 mm etc. The most popular products : Shanxi black super thin panels , Shanxi black super thin countertops , Extra thin grantie panels for wallWe also supply relatived products such as ceramic sinks , steel parts etc. with granite or marble products , for comvenience of clients.

+How many granite tiles can be loaded in 1x20' container?

Loading quantity of granite tiles in 1x20' containers is depended on density of granite , thickness of granite tiles, weigh limit of shipping company .if weight limit of 1x20 'container is 26 tons , 1x20 ' container is allowed loading quantity for different thinkness tiles as following(1) 10 mm thicknes granite tilles : about 900 square meters (2) 20 mm thickness granite tilles: about 450 square meters(3) 30 mm thickness granite tilles : about 300 square metersIf weight limit of 1x20 'container is 17.5 tones, 1x20 ' container is allowed loading quantity for different thinkness tiles as following (1) 10 mm thicknes granite tilles : about 600 square meters (2) 20 mm thickness granite tilles: about 300 square meters(3) 30 mm thickness granite tilles : about 200 square metersFor more information, please feel free to contact us .Popular and cheap granite tiles and marble tiles : G648 Granite tiles , G603 Granite tiles, Crystall White marble tiles, Coffee brown marble tiles

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