About us

ZhangLong Granite & Marble Ind. Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of good quality granite and marble from Xiamen, China since 1992. ZhangLong produces a wide range of products for export. We at ZhangLong take pride in producing a product with a high quality finish, and our attention to detail is second to none.
ZhangLong owns quarries producing many rough blocks of grey granite, green marble and yellow sandstone. Our attention to quality and detail starts here, in our partner quarries.
ZhangLong is a responsible supplier and we know the importance of quality control, not only in product, but in the training of our employees. In order to maintain our high standards, ZhangLong has invested in and installed the latest machinery for cutting, polishing, CNC control for edge treatments and carving before well packed. Management and employees were factory trained in the operation of the machinery. The result is improved quality control and increased production.
Our stone products are currently being exported to Europe, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia and middle east. We continue to strive for excellence in product and customer service to ensure success for us and our customers.
ZhangLong will work with you in establishing an effective partnership or agency. We welcome the opportunity to price your next project and extend an invitation to visit our factory in China.
Main factory for granite tiles , slabs, basalt and landscape stone:  Zhangpu Juxin Granite Factory, Add.: Chihu Industrial district, Zhangpu county, Fujian, China 
Yunnan Zhanglong Marble Slab factory, Add.:Laowa village,Shilin county, Yunnan, China
Sichuang Zhanglong Sandstone facotory,Add: Changpo Industrial park, Miyi county, Sichuan, China
Cobblestone, Curb , Kerbstone ,paving pattern for outdoor,driveway paving,ball sphere, parking stone, granite facade.
Granite and marble Tiles and slabs , for floor, wall cladding, stair,Ice crack granite, window sills, skirting etc.
Counter top, vanity top and various worktops, BBQ tops, Bar Tops
Tombstone,monuments and carving products
Granite pavers , external pavements , blind stone,crazy patterns , slate pavings
Medallion ( Pattern ) , Mosaic , wall Border , Roma Column, stone solid sink, Fireplace and other decoration items.