Tan brown granite counter tops

Tan brown granite countertops


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Tan brown granite counter tops
Tan brown granite counter tops

Tan brown granite countertops

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Tan brown granite kitchen countertops, brown kitchen worktops 


Tan brown Granite Countertops

Edged finish :

The common polished edge:

1 long side & 1 short sides/ 1 long side & 2 short sides/ 3 sides;

eased edge/ Bullnose/OG(2cm/3cm) or laminated bullnose /eased polished (2+2cm)

Polishing Degree:

85 degree or up

Dimensions :  

1) Kithcen  Countertops:

96"x25.5”/26” 98”x25.5”/26” 108”x25.5”/26”   110”x25.5”/26”


2)  Granite Vanity top:25”/31”/37”/43”/49”/61”/72”x22”


3)Countertop Island :96 x 36, 84x 36 ,108x 36 or other


3)     Countertop Snack Bar: 12"x96", 16"x96", 108"x16"


1--other sizes available upon request   



4--Application: 4-Inch high side and back splashes, Ceramic Sink, Stainless Steel Sink

Black splash: 4"/6" high


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